NNIT Graduate Programme

Are you ready for a flying start to your IT career in one of the largest IT service companies in Denmark? Then the NNIT Graduate Programme starting 1 September 2014 is a perfect opportunity for you.

You are a recently qualified computer scientist, IT engineer or master in business administration and computer science. You have achieved good results in school and you are ambitious, focused on quality and a team player.

The Programme

You get a personal mentor and 18 months of solid experience. As a graduate, you will gain a broad range of practical experience in a short time. You will complete three modules that cover core areas within IT solutions or operations.

You will focus intensely on practical experience and learning, both in the actual project groups, in the dialogue with other graduates and in the regular conversations with your personal mentor. You will be offered selected training courses and certifications that match your abilities and ambitions, and you will gain a clear sense of how you can best apply your talent in the future. Through your rotations in the three modules and interaction with colleagues, customers etc. you will develop a strong business and social network.

Application Deadline
Deadline is 7 April 2014.


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