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  1. Absolutely an amazing platform! What a way to make the world a better place by sharing constructive work projects, excellent examples of humanity, cross-border communication and hope. My heart fills with gratitude.

  2. FOLLOW UP ON ACTION REQUESTED: careerfinder4all.com


    My name is Elsa Thomasma, I am part of the content team at GoAbroad.com. Nice to “e-meet” you!

    The reason for this email is that careerfinder4all.com is linking to our OLD website from the following page:

    careerfinder4all.com/2010/02/10/ and

    OLD LINK: http://www.internabroad.com/listings.cfm
    NEW LINK: http://www.goabroad.com/intern-abroad

    Could you please do me the favor of updating this link to our new site? We are happy to have you link to our site and we hope this update will provide your users with the resource you want to provide for them.

    If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Content Manager

  3. Nada Shafique says:

    Hi Mr Shaukat,

    I would like to say ur website is pretty impressive and the information you pass on about jobs is quite helpful. I am specifically applying for UN jobs and HR/business related jobs in UAE. Do you have someone specific who can guide me through the UN job process?

    Thank You

  4. ARIF MAKNOJIA says:

    Dear Shoukat Ali,
    Excellent informative blog. Keep it up – Youths will get good advantage of this blog.
    great contribution for youth development. keep it up. i will use it in the near futur!!

    Arif Maknojia

  5. sultan khan mukhi says:

    great contribution for uth development. keep it up

    best regards

  6. Mustafeen says:

    I might say that this is a really good website.
    i’ll for sure use it in the near futur!!



  7. Israr Ahmed says:

    Nice work
    if there is any library field job please inform me.


    Israr Ahmed
    Hunza Pakistan

  8. taj says:

    i see first time this site .that good for job seeekers.

  9. Nazeem Hunzai says:

    Its really a very informative blog page for new comers in sweden.


  10. Khushamdin says:

    Dear Shoukat Ali,

    This is your great contribution regarding informative blog/ website to our youth.


  11. Malik Rajan says:

    Excellent informative blog. Keep it up – Youths will get good advantage of this blog.

  12. Tasawar Baig says:

    I liked the blog page.

    I have forwarded to KIU IT manager, he will utilize it in better way.


    1. chandsafi87 says:

      Ur Blog Page is 2 informative.


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