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Fall 2011 External Scholarships for Asia Pacific Studies (APU) Graduate Schools

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Overseas applicants to APU Graduate Schools who meet certain requirements can apply for the scholarships listed below for enrollment from September 2011 to September 2013. Please read the information contained in these pages carefully and apply for the appropriate scholarship(s). This information is to be read in addition to the regular Admissions Handbook for APU Graduate Schools.

List of Scholarships and Qualifying Academic Programs at APU

APS Asia Pacific Studies (APS)   O  
Contemporary Japan Studies (CJS)   O  
ICP Development Economics (DE)   O O
International Public Administration (IPA)   O O
Public Health Management (PHM)   O O
Environmental Policy and Administration (EPA)   O O
Tourism Policy and Administration (TPA)   O O
Dual Master’s Degree Program in International Material Flow Management (IMAT) O    
MBA Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) O    
Comparative Institution Design for Transition Economy and Business Management (CID) O    

Note: Each applicant may choose only one Academic Program. Applicants may not choose multiple programs in order to increase the number of scholarships they qualify for.


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Management Positions in Finance and Accounting

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